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How to Submit a Complete File

Daniel BensonDaniel Benson
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Ben DetmireBen Detmire
I was able to save my business by obtaining $125,000 in funding. I didn't even have to secure it against my equipment
Susan LarkinSusan Larkin
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How to Submit a Complete File

    Once you receive a credit report from your clients take a look at their addresses. Are they reporting correctly to all 3 bureaus? If not, send them the Address Update Instructions so that they can start on this as soon as they receive their pre-qualification or even before, since it’s always a good idea to have the correct address reporting, even if they are not able to be prequalified.
    Take a look at the report, you can find this in the Consumer Report section towards the bottom of the Creditchecktotal.com report, is there a Fraud Alert? If so, have client remove all 3 fraud alerts. Even though the alert may have only been placed with only one of the bureaus, they share this information so the client will have to call ALL 3 Bureaus. See Fraud Alert Removal attached instructions.
    Is the application completely filled out? The information on the application is information that our processor needs in order to complete the applications on the client’s behalf. If information is missing it will delay the files from being submitted.
    Is the contract complete with all of its signatures? Please send in the complete contract not just the pages with signatures. It is important that we have the entire contract on file. Also, Is your fee listed correctly?
    Please include a color copy of the clients Driver’s License, Social Security card, and a Current Utility Bill in their name. If any of these documents are unavailable please let us know and we may be able to accept other forms of identification etc. It is important that these documents are submitted prior to the compliance call so that we may prep the file and there not any delays.
    Has the client given you the creditchecktotal.com login? This is extremely important throughout the process and is required to proceed. Please make sure that we have the most up to date login including username and password and that the client understands that they should notify us of any password changes.
    Once the complete file is submitted please notify your client that our Account Manager will be calling them to go over the process and answer any questions that they may have. If there is a particular time that works best for them to complete the call we will do our best to make accommodations.