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Daniel BensonDaniel Benson
I contacted The Funding Company after being turned down by mortgage and private money lenders. They helped me obtain the $85,000 I needed to purchase a killer investment property. All within 10 days.
Ben DetmireBen Detmire
I was able to save my business by obtaining $125,000 in funding. I didn't even have to secure it against my equipment
Susan LarkinSusan Larkin
We received our first $25,000 in the first 4 days. That allowed us to invest in a project that earned us a return of three times the investment. Thank you TFC!


We offer unsecured personal funding.

Depending on the client’s credit, we can fund up to $250,000 as early as 10 days.
Funding arrives in the form of credit cards. There will be multiple lines averaging between $3,000-$30,000 each. Client will have multiple inquiries; each bank will pull their own credit report.

Some credit cards may be liquidated, we call these “cashlines.” Cashlines are still credit cards but cards that allow the client to pull 100% of the available credit via check or balance transfer. Not all clients will qualify for cashlines.

Funds are secured against the client’s personal credit, not business or corporate.

Proof of Income is not required but may provide additional funding if submitted.

Clients who have military affiliation may receive additional funding. These clients will be required to provide us with access to their online banking, for any military banks we can get them funding with. Learn More on our Military Funding Page.